December 06, 2011

What Size Should I Order?

We offer our "Classic" patches in two sizes, large and small. Our "Mix 'N Match" patch packs are all size small at the moment. The two main factors to consider are; the size of the glasses lense and how much occlusion wanted for the treated eye.

If you are patching under a doctor's care follow his/her recommendations. Customers patching on their own (to treat lazy eye or other conditions) may find the information below helpful in choosing which size is best.

Large Patch: Most children find this patch is oversized for their face, it is more cumbersome and potentially irritating to them. It will fit most eye glasses lenses 1 1/2" or more. It provides the most occlusion for treatment.

Small Patch: This patch fits most lenses that are up to 1 1/2" max. It is great for kids and even adults with narrow glasses, like me.

NOTE: Patches may require some customization (take out those scissors) to make the perfect fit while also offering the best occlusion possible.

If you have any questions please contact us, we're here to help.


Riley's Mom said:

We love these patches. We’ve had both the rainbow and the unicorn (her favorite color is purple). Unfortunately, they tend to get lost so we will be stocking up soon! Thank you for your great product!

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